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When buying used items, for example on eBay, how do I ensure that I am buying something that is in good faith. For example, how do I check to ensure that the used item being sold is not stolen and seller has title. Interested in buying a used video camera but, would like to know how to ensure that what I am buying belong to the owner and is not stolen.
The other question I have is to find out, how do I register personal items after buying them to be able to prove that I bought x or y item.
What are the different ways of registering an item?


There is no way to be 100% sure who owns any item. In fact, a number of items sold on Ebay are not owned by the seller.

There are a number of websites that offer personal item registration. You can find these on Google --

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Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions

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