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When buying used items, for example on eBay, how do I ensure that I am buying something that is in good faith. For example, how do I check to ensure that the used item being sold is not stolen and seller has title. Interested in buying a used video camera but, would like to know how to ensure that what I am buying belong to the owner and is not stolen.
The other question I have is to find out, how do I register personal items after buying them to be able to prove that I bought x or y item.
What are the different ways of registering an item?

I would be happy to answer your questions today. Each seller has a feedback rating, that tells you how reliable the seller is. Unfortunately their is no way to tell if the item you are buying is stolen. Most sellers on eBay are pretty honest for the most part, but of course you always have the few dishonest sellers and that's where the feedback comes in. As far as I know their is no way to register personal items after buying them from eBay, never heard of this before. The only thing you get after buying the item is proof that you paid for the item with paypal.  

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I can answer most eBay buying and selling questions. I can answer questions regarding setting up a Ebay account and creating a selling account. I can also answer questions regarding Paypal, which is essential to your eBay success. I can answer questions on how to establish a good feedback rating if you are a new seller. In rare cases you may receive a damaged product or no item at all, I can guide you though contacting the seller and requesting a full refund though eBay and Paypal if you need to. I am familiar also with most of eBays policies and rules. I can also give you tips on how to spot bootleg software. I cannot answer questions on how to start your own eBay business, find good drop shippers, and find really cheap merchandise on the Internet to sell on Ebay for a profit.


I use eBay regular to sell my products around my house that I no longer use. I have 135 positive Feedback rating. I always have Paypal listed as a payment option, so I am familiar with using Paypal. I have been an eBay member since 2003.

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