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Buying & Selling Thru Ebay & Other Auctions/Delayed funds, Confusion over receipt of payment


I have received this message in an email telling me that my item was sold:

"While you're establishing a successful selling track record, access to funds from buyer payments has been delayed."

I only offered paypal.  If the buyer hits the "pay" button to send their funds to me,  will I receive a notice the the buyer officially tried to send me a payment or do I have to wait for ebay to allow me access to buyer funds before I see payment in paypal and the ticker for "I am awaiting payment for x items" go down to zero, please.

Thank you.

There are two main reasons for receiving this type of email.  

First: The Scam.  Someone has used the Paypal format to make you THINK you've been paid. They will then tell you to go ahead and mail the item while the funds clear or that the funds will clear when the buyer gets the item and 'releases' the funds.

The main thing to remember here is that you NEVER end the item before the money is verifiable in your own Paypal account.  (And, never click a link in an email, regardless of who it is from.  Always open a browser and go to paypal on your own.)

Second: The E-Check.  This is very common and needs only a cursory explanation. (Even Paypal users are not aware of this, so it is always good to know what's up and why.) When a buyer has connected their bank account to their Paypal account and there is NO money in Paypal at the time of the purchase, Paypal will put through an E-Check. An E-check is just like a regular check and must first 'clear' the buyer's bank account before the funds are in THEIR paypal account in order to be sent to YOUR paypal account.  This clearing process can take 10 - 14 days and even up to as many as 21 days.  Again, never send the item until the funds can be verified in your own paypal account.  (It is quite possible that once the E-Check has been sent, that it will NOT clear the buyer's bank and you WON'T get paid, so always make sure that the funds are actually IN your account before you send the item.)

I hope this helps.  

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