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Yes, I know you've been asked this question quite a few times, but what is the best way to sell stuff like used VHS movie and ps1/ps2 video game lots. I prefer to sell in lots because I'm trying to say goodbye to a lot of stuff I own, but no longer use and want to do it as quickly as possible. Selling lots seems like the answer. The thing is, I recently attempted to sell my VHS horror movie lot of 12 + a free surprise movie, but only received two views within a few days.

Any tips would be very much appreciated!


First and foremost, the market for VHS and PS1/PS2 video games is limited, if at all viable.  So, selling any of them is going to be a long time-consuming endeavor.  

When selling older formats, you must first decide if there is a market and then make sure your pricing is enough to catch the interest of that market niche.  Selling vHS tapes for even $2 may be too much, but the right bundle could catch someone's attention.  

I recommend NOT using the word "LOT" as it tends to cheapen the value of the items in question.  I prefer "Bundle" or even "group" or "Set".  Lot makes people think of "Lot End" or remnants.  Using the right word is part of the marketing of such things.  

In addition, make your 'bundles' the right size is also difficult.  Selling more than 10 or a dozen in a bundle will look like you're dumping them, but selling only 2-5 (Unless part of a series) also is hard to sell.  I know one seller who makes up Baker's Dozens - 13 items and sells them to close on a Friday the 13th (or at Halloween).  Just an idea....

There is no much else I can tell you other than that.  

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