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I bought an ebay account which was on sale  I am worried that the seller can reclaim his account cause a friend told me that buying and selling ebay account is against eBay policy.  I have his written statement on legal papers will it help?

You do need permission from eBay so I suggest you call them and let them know about the legal papers that you have. They will have to verify the account and you will need to switch it to your paypal account.

The eBay terms clearly read that you cannot transfer your eBay account (including Feedback) and user ID to another party without our consent.

Read more on this page : and scroll down to
Using eBay  
To read the terms.

Hopefully the account you purchased is in good standing making it a smooth transfer. Bottom line is you must call eBay to get it approved and your friend that sold you the account should have told you that.

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