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Hi, I hope you can help me on my eBay wording listing. Im trying to sell a unwanted gift, an Apple iPhone 5s Unlocked in brand new sealed condition.

In my listing, I want to mention that the iphone is an unwanted gift. Bought for a friend but turns out that she already has an iphone 5s. so selling on ebay.

How can I mention this in my ebay listing in a professional wording way. How else can you reword the above paragraph?

And also how can I word the title/heading, please?

Any thoughts on this? Please help, I'm stuck.

You don't need to mention that the Iphone is an unwanted gift. You can if you want, but you don't have to. If the phone is unlocked, then you should put this in the title. Selling a phone that is unlocked will attract a lot of potential bidders and buyers. Here is how the title should look like.

Title: Apple iPhone 5s - 32GB - Silver (Factory Unlocked) Smartphone

In the title I state that I am selling an IPhone 5. The Iphone 5s is 32GB, silver and that this phone is unlocked, so its not tied to one carrier.

Ebay will have a basic description for you. Their will also be a section that says item condition. This is where you talk about the items condition and any defects. You can also mention if this phone comes with instructions and other assessors

I hope this helps you, thanks for your question.  

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