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QUESTION: Can i sell gift certificates on Ebay that are not in high demand in the market. The gift certificates i want sell are paper gift certificates from stores that i am not sure a lot of people have heard about and the stores are online stores.

ANSWER: Yes, eBay has a category for gift certificates. Just make sure not to post any online codes or any photo that could be used to reproduce the certificate, and when you ship make sure you get tracking. Also, in my experience they usually sell for about 75 to 90% of the face value and that doesn't include your fees or shipping cost.


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QUESTION: Do i offer i pay before service option or do i ship the gift certificates then get paid after the gift certificates have been received?

You only ship after you have received payment, and if it's eBay, most likely it will be via PayPal and you would want to make sure you ship with tracking or delivery confirmation, and if $250 or more, signature confirmation.


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