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This is Amit Mehra from India. I want to buy a laptop for my personal use. Please advice me with the specifications in this regard to make it cheaper and better.


ANSWER: What kinds of tasks do you need the computer to perform? And roughly what is your budget?


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QUESTION: Basic things like maintenance of my monthly budgets, applications that help me to remember important dates, maintenance of health records of me and my family members. I want to load it with some games like brain teasers, puzzles, racing and arcade. Movies, songs and other important videos & images are also there in the list. Browsing, surfing, uploading and downloading should be fast as far as internet is concerned. My budget is limited to 25000   INR.

Generally speaking, any modern computer will handle those tasks (I'm not seeing anything that stands out in terms of performance requirements); so I would simply shop at a retailer that you know and trust, and pick a reliable brand like Dell or HP. Basically you don't have to worry about many specs beyond ensuring that the computer has a large enough screen for you, and enough storage for all of the multimedia content you'd like to store (but generally modern systems come with large disks, and external drives are relatively inexpensive).

I know this may seem like a vague answer, but given that your requirements are "easy" from a modern computer's perspective, you basically have unlimited options and can buy whatever system suits your aesthetic or ergonomic preferences (or budget). I would steer you towards Dell and HP (as mentioned above) as their support and service is consistently good, and their hardware tends to be fairly reliable.

If you have specific questions about a given machine or need more information, I'd be happy to field that as a follow-up or additional question.


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