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I am from india and am moving to new zealand for higher studies (mechanical engineering). i need to buy a new laptop but i cant decide which brand and model should i get. my requirements are a minimum intel i5 processor, 4gb ram, 2gb dedicated video card. i dont need big hard disk or super sound speakers as i just need my laptop for all sort of college works plus to write novels for am an author. good build quality and comfortable keyboard i desire. kindly help me choose a particular model that is available between 1000 NZ$ to 1300NZ$ and also i need your advice on whether i should buy a laptop from india or should i get it when i go to new zealand itself?
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I would buy the hardware in New Zealand, so that you get the appropriately localized power supply; you'll have to deal with adapters if you bring the system back to India with you later though (you can probably buy a replacement power supply in India).

Regarding specific hardware, I would suggest looking at Dell or HP - they generally offer reliable hardware and excellent warranty/post-sales service, so in the event anything goes wrong, the manufacturer will at least provide support (if not fix the product under warranty). I would be somewhat skeptical of the "2GB dedicated videocard" requirement though - ask whoever is generating this specification for more detailed information, otherwise I'd more or less ignore it.


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