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My mom has an old dell computer(Dell Dimension 55150D Intel (r) Celeron 1300MHz 1.3 GHz 128 MB of RAM and 18.6 GB HDD ).

Can I upgrade this old beast or should we get a cheap PC(under $250??) or laptop? We're all really strapped for cash.

There's likely *some* things you could upgrade, but it will not get much more modern than it already is (it's just the nature of things), and the money probably won't go as far as you'd like. My best advice would be to replace the machine if possible; personally I would suggest a refurbished machine from a liquidator, like Computer Geeks:

Something like this would be a considerable improvement:

It includes an operating system COA as well, so it should just need a monitor and whatever other peripherals you'd like (speakers, scanner, etc) - which you should be able to just migrate from your existing machine.

This one includes a larger hard-drive, if that's a needed feature:

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.


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