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I am going desktop pc shopping.  I use my 47 inch 1080p tv as my monitor.

My previous dell inspiron 531 really struggled to stream netflix and such on my tv.  The resolution was ok but it couldn't keep up.  My internet connection is good.

What are the most important features in my new computer as far as good quality streaming to my flat screen tv?

What is the ram minimum? What type of video card or integrated graphics?  Cpu type?


Generally speaking, assuming your ISP can provide enough bandwidth (at least 10mbit would be a good starting point), modern desktops should have no problem streaming HD video. Even Intel's integrated graphics controllers have adopted hardware acceleration features, and modern CPUs have gotten quite powerful. Assuming you're buying a new machine, I'm honestly doubting you could find a machine with deficient hardware for streaming.

Roughly I'd suggest a machine with at least 4GB of RAM, a modern Intel or AMD CPU, and a modern graphics controller (integrated is acceptable; if you wish to also play games, you may want to re-think this, depending on the requirements of the game you're interested in).


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