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I am a senior. Have successfully used PC for many years. Past 2 years, I have Dell with Windows 7-AOL. Continue to have minor issues (computer freezes, computer on but monitor black & does not respond to mouse, blue curtin appears for no reason, slow at times, etc).
Considering a WOW or TELIKIN Computer. Do you have a preference? Or other suggestion.

I'm unfamiliar with either of those makers. A quick look at Telikin and they appear to target seniors, the UI (how you interact with the computer) may be easier for day-to-day tasks, but the hardware itself is limited (making upgrades or repairs likely more expensive, if not impossible), and does not represent a decent value for the price. The manufacturer is also fairly vague about the operating system, which is concerning if you're needing to install third-party software.

The issues you're having with your current system should be repairable, but more information would be required for accurate diagnosis and suggestions.

If I were to be suggesting a new machine, Windows 7 or Windows 8 would be my primary suggestion (and Dell or HP as a maker, as both of them have excellent service and support; my suggestion would be to buy a premium support and warranty package with the machine), however Apple is also worth serious consideration if you don't have a specific need for Windows (that is, if you don't use a software application that requires Windows, there's no reason not to consider Apple, price aside). I would need to know more about your application requirements to make a specific suggestion though.


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