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Hi Bob,

In our thread about my over-heating Toshiba laptop, you asked if if taking the back off and cleaning the dust out helped. Unfortunately, it did not. You also asked if it only shuts down when I'm scanning with MSE. It overheats and shuts down in other programs too.

Do you think it's time to put my laptop out to pasture and buy myself a new Dell as per your recommendations in your answers to me and others?

Many thanks,

Yes, if cleaning the system does not solve the overheating, I would say it is a better financial move to buy a new machine as opposed to spending money on hardware repairs. Dell and HP are my general suggestions, and if you do not have specific need for Windows, Apple is also a good choice. All three have generally good customer service, and offer extended support and repair plans on their hardware. If you need help selecting a new machine, feel free to ask.

I'll also add, if this machine does not need to be truly mobile, a desktop is a better choice.


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