Buying a computer system/Samsung laptop.


Hello there, I currently own a Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop with the following spec:

15.6-inch glossy LED-backlit, 1366x768 resolution screen
Intel Core i3-2310M 2.10-GHz processor
Intel HD Graphics 3000
DVD Writer
Gigabit Ethernet
Multicard Reader
64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1)

I bought the Dell Laptop for £450 in November 2012, and still under warranty.

I have been offered a Samsung NP550P7C for th same price of £450 but with the following spec:

2.3GHz Intel Core i7-3610QM (quad-core)
17.3in (1600 x 900) LCD
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
6GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM
1TB 5400rpm HDD
Blu-ray/DVD±RW optical drive
nVidia GT 650M with 2GB VRAM
2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
1.3Mp webcam
408 x 270 x 29.2-31.9mm

Can I ask what is your verdict? Which laptop would you own and why? Please advise. Thank you.


Unless the marginal improvement in processing performance of the new Samsung, or the bigger screen, are worth 450GBP to you, I'd stick with the machine you already own. In terms of day-to-day tasks, the Dell will be just as competent, and you've already paid for it and it still carries a warranty (and it is worth noting that Dell offers among the best support in the industry). The Samsung will be heavier and less portable due to its size, and the increased performance will come at the price of worse battery life.


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