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Again thanks for all your help. My new Lenovo and  old VAIO or
set up side-by-side using the like a charm.

I have a 1TB ext WD HD and also a smaller ext. Iomega HD Both are USB. My VAIO is XP and new Lenovo windows 8. I found this switch
which mentions XP but not windows 8. Goal: Give both PC's access to both ext hard drives using a switch similar to the KVM but here 2 ext HDs to 2 PCs. Would this switch work or do you know of another that would do the job? Would the switch have any negative impact when either PC is accessing them? Thanks.

The switch will not work as desired, and I wouldn't bother with a switch in this situation anyways. Assuming both machines are networked (if I remember correctly you said they were), attach the drives to one of the machines and share them via the network; you'll be able to access them in real time.

More information: (Windows XP) (Windows 8)

In both cases it follows the rough formula of:

- Connect up the drive
- Right click on it's icon, and select "Properties"
- Select the "Sharing" sub-menu from the Properties box
- Enable "Sharing" on the network
- On other computers, access the drive via the network (My Network, Network Places, etc)

I would probably "host" the drives on whichever machine is powered up more often, so that they're accessible more often.


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