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Hi, As you know, Windows xp will soon be obsolete. I want to buy a windows 7 desktop. I've been goggling around trying to understand what is what. I don't want to spend much over $500.00 if possible. I have heard of AMD processors and Intel i3-i5 and i7. Being a novice of computer lingo, I would like your advice on a reliable computer that has expandable memory if possible. Eight DDR3 gigs minimum. I want the fastest processor I can get in this price range. A fast processor and RAM have priorty. I was recommended a quad core processor by a friend. He said a 3gighz min. I would like at least a 1/2 terabit HHD. I have a nice monitor and hifi speakers. Memory card readers would be nice also if possible. I have a printer hooked up by a friend to my xp now. A hp4280 I think. If you know where I could get such a computer or website that's not a ripoff. I would appreciate any help, suggestions, and advice you can give. Thanks, Stephen

Before we start talking hardware specifications, it would be helpful to know what your specific requirements are - what kinds of applications do you use, what programs do you need to run, and so on. This will better dictate the hardware specs the machine needs to have. It's much more helpful to build-up from "what does the computer need to do" - hence why I'm asking this. You mention an existing monitor and speakers as well - it would be helpful to know how those devices connect (or what options they have for connectivity).

Finally, before we decide on a new machine, assuming your current desktop is fully functional, it may be entirely suitable to just have Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed on it. If you can provide the specifications of your existing machine, I can better advise you in this respect. This route would likely save you a considerable amount of money, if that's a requirement or goal.


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