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Hi, I'm trying to solve my voip problems (delays, garbled speech). I'm thinking of getting a motorola sb6121 but if alls I have is basic internet from Time Warner (which promises download speeds of 3mbps and ups of 1, which I am getting on their current ambit U10C018) is it even possible to increase my speeds? I have the computer, roku and phonepower adapter all running through a linksys E1200. My phone is an old Uniden 5.8Ghz digital. Thanks for any advice!

In general I don't suggest users to provide their own DOCSIS modems - they're usually unsupported by the ISP, meaning if/when you run into problems, the ISP will end their support at the wire (versus at the modem). As far as improving speed - unlikely, if the current modem supports whatever your bandwidth package carries.

Regarding the VOIP performance problems - does the situation improve with the VOIP adapter plugged directly into the modem?

Other considerations - have you contacted either the ISP or the VOIP service provider regarding this issue? (it may be that you need a firmware update or different model of hardware to support your needs, however only the service provider(s) will be able to determine that)

As a somewhat oddball question - can you try the phone setup at a friend's house (or some other location) to see if the issues persist? Alternately do you have a wired phone you can try on your system? The issue may be interference with the wireless phone and/or a problem with the phone base/receiver (just as a result of use/wear and tear). This isn't extremely likely, but probably won't take very long to test out, so it's worth a quick look.


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