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Hi Bobbert,

You've told me everything I wanted to know (and even things I didn't know I wanted to know), thank you very much!

I still don't receive the answers by e-mail, so I'll respond like this. I want to buy the refurbished HP Z800 from "", but the website now says that it is sold out. I contacted Salland Computers and asked them if I can still buy it. They responded that the system was customized for a customer. And that they can still offer such a system to me (they will send a quotation without obligation if I want to). They also said that this configuration doesn't include a graphics card.

Do you have any more recommendations? Should I ask them to include a certain graphics card? Should I also ask them to include two monitors, Windows 7, a keyboard, and a mouse? Or should I look for everything else on my own to find the best deals? And what offer should I accept?

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It really depends on the prices they want for the machine and customization of it. The dual quad-core that you found for around 600EUR is going to be more powerful than the other machines you had found at that price, but if they are going to run the price up over 800-1000EUR to customize another one, I'd suggest looking at what you can get brand new from Dell or HP at that price.

As far as graphics cards - what are they offering and at what price? What do you need to do that relies on the graphics card? (Are you a gamer? Are you using a lot of H.264 content? etc). The Quadro FX 4500 in the system you found would be fine for normal use and give you some options for gaming and other tasks as well, but it is a bit dated card - it's based on the GeForce 7. If gaming isn't a big deal, honestly I'd say you could just go buy a basic PCIe card - a fairly basic model like a GeForce GT 630 or Radeon R7 250 would be very good and shouldn't cost too much. If they have cards on-hand that they can add-in for a few euroes though, that would be easier on your end (because it would come pre-installed). Unless you specifically need the professional features that a Quadro FX offers, however, don't pay the price premium for one.

I also feel I should point out: I have no knowledge of this seller, so I would suggest doing your due diligence to ensure they're a legitimate/trustworthy dealer.

As far as other accessories - if they'll preload Windows 7 for you without charging an arm and a leg, why not go for it? The other stuff you can probably buy for the same prices yourself, unless they're offering refurbished parts at lower prices.


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