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will an alienware computer system become very hot even if you are not using it for gaming?
i want to buy an alienware computer system due to its high performance capabilities, but i won't be using it for gaming, but for programming, video and picture editing and creation with adobe photoshop, after effects and premier pro.

It depends on specifically how it is used, its configuration, and how much access to ventilation it has. If installed and used in accordance with the operator's manual it should not be a problem no matter what you're having it do (gaming, browsing the web, picture editing, etc). If you're planning to use it "out of spec" - for example as part of a renderfarm - you may want to consider a more purpose-built system instead. For the more professional-level workload you're looking at, I would also encourage you to consider Dell's Precision line, which is more targeted at working professionals than Alienware (Alienware is part of Dell too, so you get the same service/support options), and will generally come with larger enclosures designed for more continuous heavy workloads.


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