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First of all, thank you very much for volunteering on this site.

Currently I have a DELL Inspiron 17.  (I had several Dells and I am kind of comfortable with them).  I'd like to get a new laptop, preferably a DELL.  I don't play games and only do ordinary things with my computer.  (I had my current computer for several years now and I rely on computers so much that I cannot afford to wait till this one croaks).

Another, unrelated question:  Someone mentioned to me that there is a site where I could upload an image and then search for a similar one.  Would you, by any chance, know the name of this site?  

Thank you very much!


Pablo Durissimo

If you don't need the system for gaming or other heavy tasks, any modern computer would be very suitable. I would simply look at Dell laptop models that suit your budget as a result. If you have specific questions about specifications or other details, feel free to ask.

As far as the second question, do you mean something like Tineye? There are various other reverse image search services - some are specialized for certain corpora (e.g. logos, fonts, content from graphic novels), others are more general (like Tineye).


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