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Hello Bob

I hope I am in the right category and you can help.

Using as an example if I have a video file (720p404) and shown on a laptop screen, one is 19201080 and the other 1366768 with both having the same sizes 14" screen, which one will be clearer or basically no difference.

Please explain. If so what benefit I get if any,  by buying a 19201080 laptop before I commit.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.


With a fixed resolution source, like video playback, the quality when played on a different resolution screen will be dependent on how the video is scaled. With a modern computer, this is done very well by the GPU, so there shouldn't be a significant difference. For something with variable resolution, the higher resolution screen (if the screens are thes ame size, as you mentioned) will be sharper, as it has smaller individual pixels (or higher pixel density), however whether or not this is noticeable of beneficial for your specific usage is somewhat subjective. Some people prefer a somewhat less dense screen as being easier on the eyes, while others prefer higher density. On a 14" screen, 1080p would be very fine, and very sharp as a result, however viewing things like small text from any significant distance would likely be hard.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


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