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a while back I contacted you about getting a laptop and a seperate tablet. I did get a dell inspiron 3000 and am very happy with it. BUT and that's a big BUT. I ordered a dell venue 5000 series and was given a good price plus they through in a keyboard and sytlus pen for it.I waited and waited for the the thing to arrive about a month making many calls and getting no answers finally about two weeks ago I finally found out I was sold a tablet they no longer made and that they would give me a windows one that was exactly the same expect not android. But when push came to shove what they wanted to do is charge me over a $100 more for something they claimed the only difference was the new one would be windows not android.All the while I waited I never received a call or e-mail to let me know what was going on.Needless to say I will not deal with Dell again so I will ask you again to help me choose a good tablet for my husband.It has to be at least a 10" screen and needs to be about 7" wide. He will be putting very limited apps on this.It needs a touch screen and really all we need is a basic tablet.As I said in my previous e-mail we are on a very limited budget so so keeping all this in mind what would you recommend? Thanks alot

I do remember your original question, and I'm glad the Inspiron 3000 worked out for you! I'm very sorry to hear about the experience with the tablet, however, and it's entirely uncool of Dell to ask for more money in an attempt to make good on their original offer. I'm afraid I can't be of much use in terms of ferreting out a solution/refund on that issue, apart from wishing you the best there.

As far as an alternate tablet, if you'd like something based around Android, I'd look at Amazon's Fire series. As odd as this may sound, the "Kids edition" is what I'd consider first and foremost (if you can live with the blue or pink styling and slightly higher price), primarily due to the warranty it offers as opposed to the standard Fire tablets. Functionally it offers the same compatibility as the rest of their line-up, and integrates with Amazon's content delivery and customer support infrastructure (which is, generally, quite excellent).

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


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