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I'm building a calculator program, that has the user first input an operator, then a number. I'm using a SENTINEL loop so that if the user inputs a q it will exit. My problem is that I need to make it non crashable. So I need to restrict the user to only inputing operators I that i accept without letters, and only valid numbers "not letters". Sorry sounds so confusing. thanks

If you're getting keys, test each key and decide what to do (I'd use a switch statement as they are efficient and the default case can catch all the bad input.  If you're inputting strings, you can use a loop with a pointer and do it one character at a time.  Use a state variable to know what you're inputting.  Change state when the input is OK. First state could be 1 for operator, stay in state 1 until the user enters an operator or q.  If you get q, quit.  If you get an operator, go to state 2 for number.  State 2 looks for 0-9 only, or q to quit and gives an error on anything else (maybe Return to end the number?).

Write down what you would do if you had to do this "by hand".  When you know what you have to do to satisfy the requirement, you know how to tell the computer to do the job.  


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