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tis is my code tat i wrote for constucting the timetable.i do nt knw y it will go infinite loop.could you pls help me with my problem?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

// Function prototypes
int getInt (int);
void displayTimeTable (int,int);

int main ()
  int rows;
  int column;
  int n;
  int i;

  // Reading data validation
  rows = getInt (0);
  column = getInt (0);
   displayTimeTable (n,i);

int getInt (int i)
  int n;


     cout << "Enter the rows: ";
     cin >> n;
     cout << "Enter the column: ";
     cin >> n;
     cout << endl;
     if (n > 10)
        cout << "Please input a positive integer N that is smaller than 10"<<endl;
         cout << "Multiplication TimeTable"<<endl;
         cout << endl;
  }while (n < i);

  return n;

void displayTimeTable (int n,int i)
  cout << "*";
  for (int n = 1; n <= i; n++)
     cout << "\t" << n;
     cout << endl;
     cout <<"----------------------------------------------------------\n";
     for (int n = 1; n < i; ++n)
        cout << n;
        for (int j = 1; n < i; j++)
         cout << "\t" << n * j;
         cout << endl;

i will be delightful if you could help me.

Hi Crystal,

This call:

displayTimeTable (n,i);

with n and i have n and i undefined.  With:

displayTimeTable (rows,column);

works much better.  But there is a problem in getInt.  It reads 2 numbers but returns one.  You can get and return both rows and columns using reference parameters to getInt.  Or fix getInt to get rows or columns (one entry) and call it twice before printing the times table.



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