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i want to know that how can we use our programs in c/c++ i mean that for example we write a program for telephone book but everytime i want to use this program i should turn on the computer and then run the program but my question is that can we use this program in other things except computer ,athing that that for emxample we put it next to the phone and evrey time we want we easily use this program whitout using computer?

Hai dear Bita !!

  an innovative question , but highly expensive .! Let me figure out some facts regarding executing a program !!
  A typical C/C++ program we compile and executing are strictly platform dependent i.e it needs a platform to get executed , in clear it needs support from the operating system i.e an operating system should host the execution of the program by providing necessary resources say memory , processor and other peripherals for I/O management based on the policies of OS .

in order to execute your program without turning on the computer , you have to manufacture a device that supports both the platform ,processor and other I/O units  ,your code ( c/c++ ) Calculator is the best example  for your question . it contains processing chip and embedded program code ! once the calculator is switched ON then the code stars its execution and process all user inputs !

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