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C++/problem in linklist


i have a problem whit the code below when i enter c&b&a i wrote my problem in the code  


struct node{

  char LastN[10];
   struct node*link;   
void main(){

  int i=0,j=0,n=0,t=0;

  struct node*head=NULL;
  struct node*p=NULL;
  struct node*q=NULL;

  printf("How many student do you want to enter?\n");


        p=head=(struct node*)malloc(sizeof(struct node));

        p->link=(struct node*)malloc(sizeof(struct node));


     printf("Enter LastName:\n");




printf("\nhead->link->LastN:%s,head->link->link->LastN=%s\n",head->link->LastN,head->link->link->LastN);//in this line it prints head->link->LastN=b and head->link->link->LastN=a
         //but in the line below
         //when i compare those it should compares b and a
         //and we know that b>a and it should print **** for us but it doesn't
         //can you tell me why it doesn't print ****

if( head->link->LastN > head->link->link->LastN )

thanx bita

Hai Dear Bita !!

 Actually i can't understand what you are trying to do with this list , yet you have to make sure of one thing ie string comparison is different form character is "a" is no way equal to 'a'

>> struct node{

  char LastN[10];
  struct node*link;

Here you have declared LastN as a strin s ( Array of characters ) but the comparison is made only for the starting memory locations and not with the contents ( string)

>> if( head->link->LastN > head->link->link->LastN )

The above statement merely compars the memory address and not the string , so in order to bring the result what you are in need , just make a simple change with your code

>> struct node{

char LastN;
  struct node*link;

Declare LastN as character and not as a string , then everything will work fine

Thanks and Regards !
Prince M. Premnath


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