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C++/Is it possible to compile 32 bit applications in 64 bit environment..


I have an application which was running fine in 32 bit Windows 2003 64 bit OS, Visual studio 2005..
 If I change the Compiler environment to 64 bit ( Start --> All programs --> Visual Studio 2005 --> Visual Studio Tools --> Visual Studio 2005 x64 Win64 Command prompt)and compile my appliaction then i am getting Unresolved external symbols...  

     But same program is compiling properly with 32 bit environment ( Start --> All programs --> Visual Studio 2005 --> Visual Studio Tools --> Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt ). Do we need to do any specific settings to make it compile..

 I am getting following error
"sample.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol"

  Thanks in advance ..:-)

Hello Malika, thank you for the question.

Your application could get a link error for any number or reasons. The one I would think to be the cause of your problem would be that any libraries you are linking to also have to be the 64 bit versions, and not the default 32 bit versions. Can you verify that you are linking to the correct libraries?


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