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Hellow! My name is Faizan i am the student of FAST-NU Pakistan.i am doing C++ ,,,Sir i am very weak in Algorithm means i cannot generate my own code so guide me that how can i build my Logic and  please tell me some tricky question about filing for which i can ask the teacher...
Is this possible to make a private constructor in OOP my second question?

HI dear Mr Faizan !

I welcome your questions , Its not allowed in C++ to have private constructor , yet in some specialized situations it allows say that the class should be static !

Here im ready to help you in all respects , What just i need is you should be specific with your question ..

Not all the programmers are programmers by birth , just just they developed , sure one day you can !

All the best !

Thanks and Regards !
Prince M. Premnath


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