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C++/Memory size of Arrays in C++


Sir, I am working on a C program and sometimes need large sized arrays like A[1000][1000] far many variables and also sometime for 3 dimentional arrays. I am using Visual C++ and after a certain size it gets hanged. I tried to run on the Turbo C++ and it show an error of oversized array. Please let me know solution for my problem. I know some people were telling about dynamic programming but I am not too good in C programming and most of my programs are very simple coded ones. I really need help in this regard and will be very thankful for any suggestions to solve the problem.


Hi Arif

I can understand your problem pretty well coz once I have tried finding you the maximum memory that can be allocated and found out that max memory that can be allocated with a single call to calloc or malloc is the size of an unsigned integer so if you need to allocate memory beyond 64kb then you need to use interrupts but rather i would suggest you to use linked list in such a case, it would be a much safer and better practice for getting things done.

Please do feel free to get back to me in case if you have any doubt regarding the same.

Joydeep Bhattacharya


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