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  Thank you for your time.  I am considering adding a bit of programming to the skill-set box (Used to program in Pascal and Basic) and was looking at the new Microsoft C++ express that was free to download.   AMy question is: Is this worth downloading and exploring (can I create functional and executable code with the express edition) or will I have to buy the standard before I can do so...

I see nothing wrong with the express versions, although I've not used them.  They do look good.  Borland has several free Turbo C and Turbo Pascal versions too. The MS Express game developer set looks interesting.  Check the license agreement to see if there are restrictions of use, or on programs created with them.  They might restrict them to non-commercial use.



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I can answer questions about C++, programming algorithms, Windows programming in MFC (which is C++). I cannot answer questions about STL (templates) and I have no experience with Linux. I do enjoy reviewing code and critiquing it or finding problems in it. I will also gladly show better algorithms or methods if you want to take advantage of that.


I've developed a commercial embedded C compiler/assembler and IDE with debugger toolset, of which the IDE and debugger are written in C++. I work in the industry writing high tech embedded programs and Windows programs to communicate with the embedded devices.

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