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C++/bank account program in C


hello could you help me in developing my program in C language ? here are the things needed:
Bank Account Problem

1. Create a bank account for a maximum of 10 persons.
2. Each account has these information
  a. Name
  b. Account number
  c. Balance
  d. Address
3. Allow each user to
  a. Deposit
  b. Withdraw
  c. Check balance
4. Create a receipt of all the transactions

I'm not asking you to make the program, i just want you to help me like give the structure or format that i can follow and and some hints to make it easier for me because i just recently started making programs and i don't know where to start. in fact I'm already confused with it and i badly need help because this program is required in one of my subjects. thanks in advance

1. define a struct bank_account to hold the information about an account in one place.

2. create an array of bank_account of size 10

3. define an int to keep track of the number of accounts.

4. in a loop,
     display a menu and accept user choice.
     if 'Q' quit, we're done
     if 'C' create account:
         if number of accounts is 10,
         print an error message
         back to beginning of loop
         accept account information from the user
         set the values in the appropriate account in the array.
         increment number of accounts  
         back to beginning of loop
     if 'D' deposit
         get account number from user
         locate account with this number in array.
         if not found, print an error message
         else, get positive amount, process request, print receipt
         back to beginning of loop
     and so on for other requests


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