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how to run the source code

Hai Dear Bhawna !

In order to answer this question , really i needs to know what compiler you were using to compile your C++ Program , Compilers will differ in terms of key combination's or menu options to invoke compilation process and execution of compiled programme

If you are a DOS based Turbo C++ user , use this key combination to compile and execute your programme
 To Compile : ALT + F9
 TO Run the code : CTRL + F9

If you are a window based Visual C++ 6.0 User use the following key combination

 TO Compiler : CTRL + F7
 To Run the code : CTRL + F5

If you are using a different compiler apart from the list given above please post a follow-up specifying  the compiler you are using and its version number too

Thanks and Regards !
Prince M. Premnath  


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