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I am doing my MSc project to find out code complexity for some companies in both C an C++. And also I want to measure complexity between C an C++ standard libraries. But I am unable to get source code for that standard libraries. Please tell me where I can find source code for these libraries. Please send me the links for both C and C++ standard libraries.

Thank you......

the gnu compilers and libraries for both C and C++ are perhaps the most widely used by programmers. GNU software is open source under the GNU Public License (GPL2). Sources are readily and freely available via anonymous FTP from any GNU mirror site or GCC mirror site.

list of GNU mirrors are available here:
list of GCC mirrors are available here:
for anonymous read-only SVN access, see:

in the GNU mirror, look for the directory gcc and under that directory for the version of GCC that you want.

for example, in the GNU mirror
this is where the GCC 4.2.4 source resides:
is the full source distribution.


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