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Hi Bill,

I have an MFC application. The application is of type Container/Control and its a MDI application. I am drawing border around all the ActiveX controls present in the child window. The problem i am currently facing is whenever the controls overlap the border on the overlap portion of the control is erased. Need your help on this.

Thank You

Are you convinced it's possible to do this?  I think it's standard behavior for one window that is on top of of another window to be covering all parts it overlaps.  Are you drawing the border manually?  I have not had much luck with the window styles to clip children figuring out what they do, but it reads like you can paint in the client area of sibling windows.  I know if you make the window transparent they will merge.  If you are drawing the borders manually I think you can draw on top of any window on the display.

Sorry if this wasn't too helpful since I don't think it was.



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