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Hi Bill,

Let me start by thanking you for your help with GetWindowPlacement, etc. All I need is to add a little math to go with the code you gave me and all will be well!

I have a problem with the potential shortening of the dialog box (which matches the user using less edit boxes). I have 3 buttons at the base of the dialog box that will have to be moved up accordingly when the dialog box is shortened. Would you return an example of some code plus the theory behind doing this?

Thank you in advance for all your help with my project,

Unfortunately MFC doesn't handle resizing while automatically moving or changing the size of controls on the parent.  I used tools that did, simply by setting "resize" properties for each control, and the runtime took care of this.  I didn't realize how much was being done for me until I used MFC.  It is a pain to do this.  I bet or has a class derived from CWnd that adds window control resizing and moving.

What you want to do is just like the previous method but indtead of adjusting the height by changing 'bottom' you change 'top' to move the control up or down.



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