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sir i want to make a program of library where i want following points to be included: the name of books available. the name of students and have a library card number
3.when a student comes and ask for a book we will search in library books and give him if available of issue should be stored and there should be a date of reissue .
5.if a student do not returns or reissue it within a given time he/she should be imposed fine.

implement the classes:
date - keep a calendar date eg. 12 june 2009
title - the book title eg. Ruminations on C++
copy - a copy of a particular title (one title can have many copies)
student - a library member.

class date
 // ...

class title
 public :
   // public functions
 private :
   std::string book_name ;
   std::string author ;
   std::string isbn ;
   std::vector<book*> copies;
   // other members

class copy
 public :
   // public functions
 private :
   int book_number ;
   title* the_title ;
   student* issued_to ;
   date issue_date ;
   date due_date ;
   // other members

class student
 public :
   // public functions
 private :
   std::string name ;
   int card_number ;
   std::vector<book*> borrowed_books ;
   // other members

have two lookup tables one mapping isbn number to the title object,
the other mapping library card number to student object.
std::map< std::string, title* > isbn_title_map ;

std::map< int, student* > card_student_map ;

now, put it all together in a program, with functions to
issue books, return books, calculate fine etc.


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