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C++/change win color


I would like to know, how to change the background-color of a window (known by a HWND) of another win23-application!?
(the window belongs to an other app, not my app!)

Example for changing of the text of a window:
::SetWindowText(hwnd, "text");

SetClassLong(hwnd, GCL_HBRBACKGROUND, hbrush);
doesn't work because of 'access denied' GetLastError().

OS: win-xp
compiler: visual studio

I've never had to do this but I think the problem is the hbrush is allocated in one process and SetClassLong applies it to a window in another process.  This is a pretty obscure requirement and request - I don't know anyone who would have done this kind of task.  I might suggest you look into one of the MicroSoft support lists and see if anyone there knows if this is possible, and if it is, how.

Sorry to not be much help on this one.



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