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C++/Operator Overloading


could u pls help mi,i dun knw which part of the code is wrong.i'm realli appericated for all the help frm u.

tis is the result i gt wen i compile the program:
Enter first vector, format a b c: 5,6,7
Enter second vector, format a b c:
Addition A+B = (10,4587152,4587080)

the result i gt is nt correct.i onli gt to enter the first vector,i cnnot gt to enter the second vector.could u pls tell mi wat i should do to correct it.
the result i gt should be tis:
example result:
Inputs:       A(5,6,7)
Outputs: A + B (8,14,9)

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

class myVector
  int x,y,z;
  myVector() { x = y = z = 0; }
  myVector(int xPart, int yPart, int zPart) { x = xPart; y = yPart; z = zPart; }

  myVector operator+(const myVector &mv)const;

  friend ostream& operator<<(ostream& out, const myVector& vec);


myVector myVector::operator +(const myVector &mv)const  //Addition
  myVector result;
  result.x = x + mv.x;
  result.y = y + mv.y;
  result.z = z + mv.z;
  return result;

ostream& operator<<(ostream& out, const myVector& vec)
  out << '(' << vec.x << ',' << vec.y << ',' << vec.z << ')';
  return out;

//main program to test the class
int main()
  myVector v1(1,2,3);
  myVector v2(3,2,1);

  myVector sum = v1 + v2;
  int x,y,z;
  cout << "Enter first vector, format a b c: ";
  cin >> x >> y >> z;
  cout << endl;
  myVector A(x,y,z);

  cout << "Enter second vector, format a b c: ";
  cin >> x >> y >> z;
  cout << endl;
  myVector B(x,y,z);

  myVector C = A + B;
  cout<<"Addition A+B = "<< C << endl;

  return 0;

Prog during fly
Prog during fly  
Hi dear angeline!

Ive tested your programme , i don't find any bugs , and even more its running good , ive attached screen shot of the execution.

Note: If you still feel that your prog suffering from bugs, please be specific about the bug :-)

Thanks and Regards
Prince M. Premnath


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