hi can you tell me about c++ style sting what is it?what kinds of codes do it come with.what does they do?and how can i remember them easily?
also how can i remember for,while,and do while loop without looking at paper or looking it up?

Hello Raymond.

The c++ string is an object that represents a sequence of characters. You can add characters to it without worrying about allocating more memory for the new characters. The string object takes care of managing the memory. Because if this, it is much safer to use than character arrays.

I recommend that you get the free "Thinking in C++" books from

There are 2 volumes. Chapter 3 in the second volume has information on strings. The book author explains it much better than I can.

The way to remember how to use the statements is to practice using them. One way to practice is to find a book with exercises that you like and do the exercises.

After reading, if there is a specific thing about strings you need help with, then ask me.

Good luck with your learning.  


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