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I've a strong attitude towards programming, software engineering. I want to develop some cool apps for mobiles, and open source softwares. I've a lot of things in mind. I want to know, from an expert side, which object-oriented language, C++ or Java, should I use?
- I mean which one is more effective, easily executable and your choice?
- Finally are there sites that you know which offers very good FREE tutorial on these programming languages? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

That is a good question. I've never used Java professionally so I don't know how it's used in industry. I know that Sun has a version of Java for mobile devices and I do know that the set of libraries provided by Sun is very rich; graphics, user interface, network communication is all there. I'd guess that for web services and mobile app development I'd choose Java. For desktop application development I'd choose C++ if performance was important. Then you have to decide what user interface library to use. I'd look into QT for that.

Both languages have excellent and free tools for development. For Java, there is NetBeans, and others. For Microsoft Windows, there is the Visual Studio, with a free Express Edition (but I think it is without a GUI builder). On Linux, I'm not sure.

For tutorials I really like the video lectures available at universities.
For C++ go to
and click on the lectures link.

Also look at

Excellent free books "Thinking In Java" and "Thinking in C++" are at

Also for java look at  


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