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C++/place text file in certain location



My program can create text files with different names each time the loop runs based on certain input information. My piece of code for this purpose is:
         printf("Enter Test Identity: ");
         std::ostringstream os;
         os << obj.testId << ".txt";
         ofstream Students(os.str().c_str() , ios::out);
         Students << << "\n" << obj.age << "\n";

My problem is that I want to place these files to a specific location. I can do that with a constant file name, but I don't know how to implement this with files created in the above fashion.

Thanks in advance.  

Dear Taimoor:
I am not sure this will work but...
To open a file try this:

 ofstream Students(os.str().c_str() , ios::out); ("test.txt");

 // >> i/o operations here <<
Students << << "n" << obj.age << "n";


You can name the file ( e.g. "test.txt") or use a variable to input the name.


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