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Hello, i have an assignment due for my programming class.  The assignments was to write a program using 2 arrays, one to key in the students answers to a test, and one the held the correct answers to the test.  the next step is to display how many questions the student got right and indicate if they passed or not.  passing is 15 correct answers.  this last part has to be done with a function.  i am not sure how to write a function that will compare the answers in 2 arrays? could you please help ? any help would be greatly appreciated
thank you

Hi, Christopher.

There are several ways to write a function to compare data in two arrays.  The best method is probably to pass each array in as a pointer and a size for the arrays, something like:

   int compareAnswers(int *_array1, int* _array2, int _arraySize)

The body of the function would need to loop from zero to _arraySize and compare the data in each array, something like:

   for (int i = 0; i < _arraySize; ++i)
       if (_array1[i] != _array2[i])
         // do something

That should be enough to get you started.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  I'm here to help. :)


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