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Would you please share your experience about what is the best way to learn Visual C++. I am comfortable with Tubo C++ and have developed a few Engineering programs.

ANSWER: Visual C++ is just another C++ compiler; all that is to learn about using it are the compiler options, command line switches and so on. That is assuming that you have a fairly good knowledge of C++.

You said that you are 'comfortable with Tubo C++' - which Turbo C++ did you mean? The legacy versions of Turbo C++ were released much before the IS (International Standard) for C++ came into being and are therefore y and large non-conforming with standard C++. If you meant Turbo C++ Explorer released in 2006, you are in a situation where you already know how to write programs in C++. A quick check is: if your compiler complains about any of these three lines

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
using std::cout ;

it is not a C++ compiler.

If your question was on learning the Visual C++ IDE (Integrated Development Environment) shipped under the name 'Visual Studio' or 'Visual C++ Express Edition', there are several tutorials available on the net.

Some of them are given here:

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am using Turbo C++ IDE("Borland C++ - Copyright 1991 Borland Intl."). That was OK till window XP, where double clicking the .exe file runs any program. Graphics mode was also not a problem. But in Vista graphics mode requires to be mounted on dos, then only runs. Text mode runs in a smaller window. So. I want to shift to Visual C++ IDE. In Some of the programs I have made provisions for both text as well as graphics mode to be used depending on the OS. Can I compile the old programs in Visual C++ IDE?

The version of Turbo C++ you are using is an obsolete version (version 1.01) released in 1991.

The graphics that you are using with that compiler is BGI graphics. BGI graphics will not work with either Microsoft Visual C++ or any other standard C++ compiler. BGI is specific to Borland compilers - BGI stands for "Borland Graphics Interface." It will not work and I don't think that there is any way to get it to work on Visual C++.

I would strongly suggest that you shift to a more modern compiler (and standard C++) for the new programs that you would be writing - on windows, two good options are:

 1. Code Blocks + GCC - download link:
 2. Visual C++ Express - download page:

If you want to continue developing/running programs with Turbo C++ version 1.01. you will have to emulate the DOS environment under Vista.

To do this, see:
Download link for dosbox:  


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