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I would like to start learning I/O port programming. I'd like to write software that controls devices through parallel and serial ports. I know a bit about programming but nothing much about ports. I have two questions:
a) Can you recommend good resources for learning this, such as websites and books?
b) Should I immediately try to switch to Linux because I hear this kind of programming is much more tricky for Windows? Also, I think Windows is generally performing lots of background tasks and therefore may be too unpredictable for device control. Is this true?

This is really outside of my expertise.  

However, the question called for direction on resources for learning this, so I googled, Windows parallel port C++ programming, and got explanation on how to program a parallel port using visual C++.  This was only the first link that popped up so you can review them all.  Also, the article did state that this is easy if you are programming in DOS.  But if you want to use XP it recommends that you use a device driver that is already available.  If you do not want to do that he has a link to another one of his articles that addresses XP.  The article I am referring to above is

Also you can embedded or kernel programing for this subject.

I hope this helps.


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