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sir,i know c programing.But i need to know how i develop a software using this knowledge.

Hi dear soubin !

 Perhaps the smallest programme say
 void main()
  printf(“Hello World !”);

is a small software if it launched on a machine ( typically a computer ) but we refer this code as a programme , so what is software then ? Pedia's and book's refers software is a collection of programes , procedures , function  , then why this small Hello World Programme doesn't considered as a software  rather a programme?  The term software highly rely on the software development life cycle, which goes through few phases, starting from analysis to maintenance of a software , all these things are generic to a software   development  

So What about this hello world program ?

  Without your knowledge you might have done all the phases what you a software development life cycle expects with this small Hello world programme,  what are the phases you might have accomplished while developing this small software ?

Analysis : What is the objective of your software ? : To display Hello World
Design : Since The volume is very small , no design requires
Implementation / Coding : Well you can code with C / C++ ( A simplest code ever ..)
Testing : No Complex Business logics involved so no testing required
Installation / Deployment : Just Copy paste the .EXE to the location where you need
Maintenance / Bug Fixing : Not requires in this case , May be small alteration of code will require if you planned to reposition the string “Hello World !” While it was displaying on the screen.

   So you have done almost every thing what happening in the real software development,  Then what really matters , the VOLUME and OBJECTIVE of the programme,  

 C Programming skill alone is not enough to develop a software , in fact its just a tool / language to convert your designs into which  the computer understands, so try to build all the related skill what I have mentioned under the software development life cycle. And start developing your own software.

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Prince M. Premnath  


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