how can i convert binary number to decimal using forloop

Dear Rishi:

First of all, all numbers on the computer are represented in binary, normally.  You have to tell the compiler what format you want to show numbers.

I also expect this is a homework problem.  But I want to help you.

So I will frame the question so I can answer it.  Represent an integer in a binary representation using an array of integers.  You can modify this program to use an array of characters if you want and then convert each integer (1 or 0) to a character (1 or 0) in the for loop:

int D = 111 ;
int B [ 8 ] ;
for ( int i = 0 ; i < 8 ; ++ i )
 B [ 7 - i ] = D % 2 ;
 D /= 2 ;


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