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Hi Bill,

I don't know if this is directly related to your field of expertise... I'm translating into Spanish a software to manage surveys, and I have a problem with the following sentence:

For dropdown fields, the "Field Lenght" is the maximum number of digits that any option can use (e.g. 88 for a "Refused" option requires 2 digits).

A bit of context: by using the software, the user can create different questions, including dropdown lists. In the text, it is explained how to set the "Field Lenght". However, I don't understand the sentence! Could you help me!



Hi Patricia!

I think it means "Field length is the maximum number of digits allowed for the field".  If the user can enter a number from 10 to 999, then "Field Length" would be 3.  The software would presumably prevent the user from entering 1020 if the field length were 3.

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