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i have a question about Design issues for all data types could you plz tell me about operations that define syntax of references to variables and how are they specified?
i dont know about these operations and their functions



The syntax for a reference variable is used only on C++ function arguments.  There is no operator - reading and writing a reference variable is like reading or writing the variable used on the function call.  It is really like a shortcut - if you pass a variable by address and modify the variable through the pointer, it is just like a reference.  For example:

void RefFunction( int &i )

void PtrFunction( int *i )

void main( void )
int i = 4;

 RefFunction( i );
// i is 5 now
 PtrFunction( &i );  // Pass address of i to function
// i is 4 now

Note how the syntax is a little easier in the reference function.  But it is no more efficient than the function passing the address and using the * operator.

Hope this helps!


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