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I have this loop in my program where I repetedly create an array of pointer to class MyTree (declared elsewhere).

MyTree *array_of_pointers[rows];
//do something

My program workss but after lots of cycles I get memory overflow. This is because I don't empty the memory and the arrays of pointer accumulate. I don't know how to delete this array after each while cycle. How do you do this? If I use any other method of creating this array, my program doesn't work. Do I need to somehow declare this array dynamically? How? Thanks a lot!

Hi, Eric.

Without further context as to what happens in the loop and what exactly a MyTree class consists of, I'm not sure how much help I can be.  That said, I'll go over a couple of things here.

First, if you are creating everything within the loop, every time the loop restarts, it should all fall out of scope and be destroyed.  So, looping repeatedly should have no bearing on memory.  You will have to make sure that what you are declaring is not larger than your stack (or that you don't run out of stack space while executing commands during the loop), but if you can loop once, you should be able to loop indefinitely.

If anything is declaring dynamic memory within any of that (the MyTree class, for example), then you will need to make sure you free that memory.  It should be set up such that it will free when the object itself is destroyed (which happens when it falls out of scope), and if that isn't happening, then it needs to be fixed.

Finally, if you are declaring a large block of memory (or lots of memory, whether it's a single contiguous block or not), it is best to declare that in the heap rather than on the stack.  This means using new/delete to declare/destroy the items.

Just looking at the one line that does contain code in your example, I'd say you're declaring the array of pointers and dynamically allocating the MyTree objects within that array.  If that's the case, then you need to be sure that you go through and delete any allocated MyTree objects before you loop again.  This would look something like:

   while (condition)
       MyTree* array[rows] = { 0 };
       // do stuff start
       array[currentRow] = new MyTree;
       // do stuff end
       for (int i = 0; i < rows; ++i)
         if (array[i])
         delete array[i];

OK, if I've completely missed the mark or otherwise have been less than helpful, or if you just have further questions about anything I've written, please let me know.  I'm always happy to help.


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