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hi i wanna know what thing should i expect form learning programming and difficulty should i read more books or practice more online or equally?learning c++ would it be hard the first time to learn codes?

Hi Dear Raymond!

  If you wanna learn C++ almost all the books and materials available today expects some steady background in C or relevant programming , and those books will be written stressing on OOPS concepts which will be easier to understand the concepts only if you have some minimal knowledge in C programming, so i recommend you to grab some basic programming in C and then plunge into C++

 If you don't wanna follow the above strategy you should select a book that treat C++ as a separate language rather the super set of C.
in this case Programming With C++ By Robert Lafore ( Galgotia Pub) will help you out , this book doesn't expects any  background knowledge.

More over different authors will have different views and different level's of complexity , if you wanna be a master in a language you should ultimately work hard go through plenty of articles and much more. ( i'm having almost 50 - 60 books over C/C++ )

Start Learning from now , get back to me for all your programming issues
All the best
-Prince M. Premnath


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